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Don’t Just Google “Toyota Repair Near Me” – Four Reasons to Choose Japanese Import Pros

We’ve all been in the position where the engine light on our car comes on, and we know the instant anxiety that it can bring.

We’ve all been in the position where the engine light on our car comes on, and we know the instant anxiety that it can bring. Cars are a necessary expense – that can be highly expensive when something goes wrong! Since you can’t be without a car, your first reaction might be to either bring it directly to the dealership or to Google “Toyota repair near me” and contact the first repair shop that pops up. Instead of picking blindly, here are four reasons to bring your car to us.

Quality Repair

Not all mechanics know how to work on all cars. When it comes to Toyota repair, you need someone who is trained specifically to repair Toyotas. All of the mechanics at Japanese Import Pros have the specialized skills to work exclusively on Japanese imports, including Toyota. Since we specialize in Toyotas, there isn’t an issue we can’t diagnose and fix. It is always best to go with someone you can trust who understands your car.


We don’t advertise that we are cheap because we are not. When you go with the cheapest alternative, you usually get what you pay for. At Japanese Imports, we always try to be competitive in our price. Before we perform any work, we’ll give you a handwritten estimate in writing so you know exactly what to expect. Because we deal exclusively with Japanese imports, we not only have an inventory of parts; we have buying power that makes our repair parts less expensive than other mechanic shops, which allows us to pass along the savings to our customers.

Our Mission is to Establish a Relationship

Unlike some dealerships and other mechanic shops that focus on fixing cars and moving along, our mission is to establish a relationship with every customer who walks in our doors. We love repeat business because it means we are doing a good job, but our true intent is to repair your car and provide maintenance so that you don’t have to come back any time soon. We believe that it is our job to make sure your car is maintained so you don’t have to come and see us!

Timely Repairs

We do our best to get your car up and running as soon as possible. Since we deal primarily with Toyota, we have a good inventory of parts, so you won’t have to sit and wait for us to order them. That means less downtime for you. We know that not having your car is very disruptive, so our goal is to get it back to you in perfect running order as quickly as possible. When we give you a time estimate, we do all that we can to deliver as promised.

When the dashboard light comes on your car, don’t automatically head to the local dealership or Google “Toyota repair near me” and choose blindly. At Japanese Import Pros, we work tirelessly to earn your business and always aim to deliver the highest-quality repair service and maintenance in the industry. Our customers aren’t just a number to us; we care greatly about everyone who walks through our doors. If you have a Toyota repair issue, < href="">contact us today!

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