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Japanese Import Pros is a locally-owned and operated repair and maintenance shop serving the Charleston, SC area. Our team of professionals are certified specialists for Toyota vehicles with over twenty years of training and experience.

In addition to Toyota, we also service all Japanese models, including Acura, and Honda. We offer superior workmanship, with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Toyota Repair Charleston SC
Toyota Service Charleston SC

Auto Car Repair Shop Near Charleston, SC

Most car owners go straight to the dealership when their check engine light comes on, but the dealership is not always the best option. At Japanese Import Pros, we provide service on Japanese cars with the same quality as a dealership would, for much less.

We only employ experienced and highly trained professionals, so you can know that your vehicle will be fixed right the first time, every time. You have a lot riding on your car’s wheels, including the safety of you and your family. We are the professionals who can ensure that you get the right service for the right price.

Not Every Mechanic is Suited to Fix Every Make and Model

Mechanics are specialists in the field of repairing and maintaining vehicles, but not all of them have the specialized training it takes to work on all cars. At Japanese Import Pros, we have the right certifications to ensure that we know how to tackle any repair that you need.

We deal solely with Japanese-made vehicles and not only know the industry in and out; we use continuing education to make sure that we know our cars from bumper to bumper.

An Excellent Dealer Alternative for Your Toyota Repair & Maintenance in Charleston, SC

Dealing with a dealership can be difficult because it is hard to have a personal relationship that extends past the front door. At Japanese Import Pros, we care greatly about every customer who puts their faith and trust in us.

We aren’t here to repair your car once and send you on your way. We are here for the long term and want to make sure that we not only repair your car when something is wrong, but also that we maintain it regularly to avoid the need for more repairs.

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