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7 of the Most Common Toyota Issues to Know

Toyotas are a popular choice for motorists around the globe, with more than ten million people currently driving them. Although they are the

Toyotas are a popular choice for motorists around the globe, with more than ten million people currently driving them. Although they are the leading car manufacturer and have a following everywhere, that doesn’t mean that they come without any issues. There are a few common problems that Toyota owners have that you need to know about. If you think you are dealing with any of them, it is time to call our Toyota service in Charleston, SC to schedule an appointment.

Brake Issues

The most common issue that Toyota owners have to deal with is brake issues. The Corolla alone has had two brake-related recalls in the past twenty years. Although these issues are more frequent with older models, it is always good to be proactive – you don’t want to find out you have a brake issue while driving!

Suspension Problems

The anti-roll bar and the front suspension tend to fail more quickly than other parts of the car and they can do so in as little as a year. If you hear a clunking noise when on bumpy roads, then there is a good chance that something is amiss. The good news is that it isn’t an incredibly expensive fix, but getting it serviced quickly is the key to reducing damage.

A Faulty Water Pump

One issue that is popping up with newer models is a faulty water pump. Although it’s most common with the Corolla, it can happen with any model. If you see signs of your engine temperature going up, that might be a sign that you have water pump issues. The problem can lead to high temperatures, so if you see steam rising from your hood, take it to a Toyota service in Charleston immediately; otherwise, it can lead to engine failure.

Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel pump failure is common, particularly on injection. If your car won’t accelerate or the acceleration is “jerky,” that might be an indication. If you’re having acceleration issues, then it might also be a clutch problem. One way to rule out the fuel pump is if your engine is revving more than usual before it catches. If you are having any of these problems, it is imperative to have a mechanic look at them to avoid an accident.

Sludge in the Engine

Another common issue is having sludge in your engine. Toyota engines are notorious for having sludge, which is why regular oil changes are so important, especially for 1997-2005 models. The sludge problem actually led to a class-action suit that involved over five million cars. Most times a tune-up is enough to take care of the problem, but it does have to be resolved.

Forced Acceleration

Many Toyotas have reported forced acceleration, where even the brakes have failed to slow things down. Toyota has maintained that it is often caused by the pedal getting stuck, and it isn’t limited to Toyotas. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that it might be the pedal’s fault or the fault of the floor rugs, but the jury is still out because there hasn’t been a specific cause noted.

Air Conditioning

Some cars can experience air conditioning issues that can lead to a musty and moldy smell. The good news is that a tune-up is often enough to get things back on track, and it certainly isn’t as big an issue as forced acceleration!

There is a reason why Toyota cars continue to lead the industry in sales: people love them. As with all vehicles, though, there are common things that can go wrong. If you sense that your Toyota is headed for trouble, it is always better to be proactive than to find out the hard way by getting stuck somewhere – or worse. Now is the perfect time to bring your Toyota in for regular maintenance to reduce the risk of these common issues. Make your appointment today!

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