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Why Googling “Honda Repair Near Me” Might Not Get You What You Want!

When people are looking for a product or service, typically the first place they go is straight to Google

When people are looking for a product or service, typically the first place they go is straight to Google. Search engines are an excellent resource for finding what you need, but just because a company comes up first when you look for “Honda repair near me” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best! Here are five reasons to come to Japanese Import Pros and skip the search!


At Japanese Import Pros, we have two missions: to provide the very best Honda repair service in the area, and to be cost-conscious and offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Dealerships are a great resource when you need your imported cars repaired, but they might not always be the best. Don’t go with the cheapest, but do look for value – that is what we offer our customers!


The reason that most people take their Hondas to the dealership is that it is always best to go to the most skilled and trained source when you need something serviced or repaired. At Japanese Import Pros, we only service imports that we know well. Our team of mechanics is extensively trained in all things Honda, Toyota, and Lexus, so there isn’t an issue that we can’t address or a problem that we can’t handle!

We Follow the Manual

One of the dirty little secrets in the Honda repair industry is that most mechanic establishments make most of their profit by offering and selling services that you might not actually need. There are guidelines when it comes to things like an oil change or service according to mileage, but no two cars are the same, so they don’t have the same requirements. We won’t ever sell you something that you don’t need. We address your concerns, repair what is wrong, and always follow the owner’s manual. There is a reason that every car has one, and it isn’t just to fill the glove compartment!


There are times when using aftermarket parts is a bad idea and other instances when it is a cost-effective substitution. At Japanese Import Pros, we offer the best value but are very aware of which parts are okay to use aftermarket and which are not. Our mission is always to provide the most competitive service, but not by sacrificing your safety by giving you second-rate parts!

Establishing Relationships

It is a rare thing in today’s world for a company to value loyalty and establish a relationship with its customer base. We get to know everyone who walks through our doors, and we help to educate you about your car and its needs. Unlike oil-change chains that are all about high customer turnover, we want to build a long-term relationship with all of our clients. That starts by truly caring about the quality of our work and the people we serve.

When you need a Honda repair, don’t just Google “Honda repair near me” and choose the first one that appears. When you hire Japanese Import Pros, you can rest assured that you are getting the most qualified professionals who care greatly about their customers and every car that they service. Contact us and make your appointment for a Honda repair in Charleston, SC today!

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